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Our goal is simple. It is to improve the quality of life for those individuals with hearing loss through the latest digital hearing aids, quality hearing care services, other hearing devices and assistive listening products. Our audiology services include complete diagnostic hearing evaluations, hearing screening, ototoxicity monitoring, tinnitus evaluations, pediatric audiology, newborn hearing screening, auditory processing tests, hearing aid evaluations, and hearing aid fittings and sales. We provide comprehensive hearing care services including but not limited to: hearing conservation, complete hearing evaluations, hearing screening, aural (hearing loss) rehabilitation, hearing aid repair, hearing aid batteries and accessories, education and counseling.


Regain your quality of life with Hearing Diagnostics. We employ the very latest techniques and the very latest technologies to both diagnose, treat and service your hearing impairment.

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The purpose of a hearing test is to determine, the type and degree of hearing loss. A thorough hearing assessment begins with an examination of your ears, hearing health history, and comprehensive hearing evaluation.

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